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Shaker Bottle

·Powerful Electric Shaker Bottle: 7000 rmp high-speed motor mix drinks no lumps with silky taste within seconds

·Big Capacity Blender Shaker Bottle: 25oz/730ml bottle satisfy with your pro demand to help fitness enthusiasts achieve the perfect physique.

·Long Battery Life USB Portable Mixer: 800mah Lithium battery will last 8+ workouts per charge. Stop shaking, enjoy your smooth shakes anytime and anywhere.

·Integrated Supplement Storage Shaker Cups: Built-in 100g supplement storage. Perfect for protein shakes, pre and post workout drinks and meal replacements.

·Safe Protein Shaker Bottle: Infant grade bottle material with BPA and phthalate-free, easy to clean with water-proof and dishwasher safe.


Product Weight: 1 lb

Product Size: 3.6x8.9”



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Your Perfect Partner On The Go
Super Smooth Shakes
Athlete-tested ergonomic design and portability. No lumps with silky taste, great blending effect makes the protein easy to absorb. Trusted by gym-goers and athletes. Our electric protein shaker is your perfect partner at home, in the gym, or on the go. 
Mutiple Functional
Perfect for instantized and non-instantized protein powders;pre, intra and post-workout formulas; diet and meal replacement shakes, milkshakes.
How to Use it
After a long hard workout, it is easy to drink your protein shaker.Comes with container for pill or protein storage. Just fill it with water and dump protein in,And hit the button and it mixes for you. No annoying shaking necessary.Comes with handle for easy carry. So just take it on the go.
Why We Need PopBabies Mixer
Your supplements can be properly mixed with no mess for super-convenience with a portable mixer built-in supplement storage. No lumps with silky taste. Preserving optimal micronutrient integrity.
Larger Capacity
25oz Big Capacity
Big Nozzle and Foldable Handle
Easy to carry  
USB Rechargeable
7-8 times per charge
Dishwasher Safe
Easy to clean with water-proof
Integrated Supplement Storage Shaker Cups
Built-in 100g supplement storage. Perfect for protein shakes, pre and post workout drinks and meal replacements.
Big Capacity Blender Shaker Bottle
Strong enough to crush mini ice cube and frozen fruits 
Long Battery Life
800mah Lithium battery will last 8+ workouts per charge
Powerful Electric Shaker System
7000 rmp high-speed motor mix drinks within seconds
Supplement Storage Cups
 Built-in 100g supplement storage
Big Nozzle and Foldable Handle
 Easy to use and carry
Generally FAQ:
Q: Why is the button not light on?

A : Lock the cup on the base completely before turning it on.

Q: Does the mixer always stops?

A :  Add water or other drinks in order that can activate the running system. Or you can shake mixer up and down, anyway it will wear down the motor if there is no water.

Q: Why the motor reeks a smell of scorching?

A :  Please don’t use it continuously, take a rest for half of hour in a few of time used.

Q: Why the mixer can not start when red light on?

A :  Please charge the product until green light on.

 Q: Is it leakage oil?

A :   If there is no water , motor will be in big resistant and caused over heat and leakage oil.

Q: Sometimes it takes shorter time to mix, why?

A :  Our mixer cup may adjust the mixing time according to the amount of powder. If they are not properly mixed, please press it again to keep mixing.

Q: I haven’t been used it for a long time, why it doesn’t work anymore?

A : If no use for a long time, please charge 2.5 hours then use it again. Please charge once per 1 or 2 months if you have not used it for a long time.

Q: What will my mixer mix?

A : Our mixer is intended for powdered nutrition and liquid ingredients.

Q: How do I use my mixer?

A : Add the liquid of your choice to the bottle(400ml); push the button to activate the vortex; pour your powder into the spinning vortex; push button to turn off once your powder has fully mixed(about 10 seconds) and enjoy! For the smoothest shakes always remember to start the vortex BEFORE adding your powder!

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