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                      FAQ for PopBabies Blender






1) Food material should not be over the maximum scale, otherwise the batteries will be damaged result in broken.

2) Please add water or thin liquid otherwise it won’t work or work well.

3) Please reverse first then press the switch on button, turn it down and shake for a while avoiding blade is blocked.

4) Please don’t use boiled water avoiding bottle broken and leaked.

5) Please don’t clean the base, only wipe with cloth, avoiding water seepage resulting in short circuit.


1. Normal status: Blue light on

1) When charging, the light is red. After 3-5 hours, the light turns blue and it is full of charge.

2) When bottle is installed correctly, blue light flashes.

Notice: Please don’t use boiled water avoiding bottle broken and leaked.

3) Then press the button, the light is blue. Now it blends 20 seconds and will stop automatically.



2. Warning status due to wrong usage


Wrong installation: If the bottle has not been installed correctly, red and blue light will flash alternately.

Please install the bottle again until blue light flashes.


Idling (1): If there is nothing in the bottle, it will only blend 5 seconds and blue light flashes.

Idling (2): If ingredients are too less which cannot exceed the blade, will cause idling running, please add ingredients.

Idling (3): If add ice cube or frozen fruits without water, blending for a while, the ice will stick on the inner wall of the bottle, will

cause idling running too.

Please add liquid and shake for a while.


If red light flashes and the blender not work, means overload, it is probably 2 cases:

Overload (1): Blade was blocked.

Please reverse the blender, then press button, back again, and keep shaking for a while.

If it still not works, check if fruits stick on the blade, if yes, get it off.

Overload (2): Ingredients are too full which is over the maximum scale.

Notice: Food material should not be over the maximum scale, otherwise the batteries will be damaged result in broken.

Please take some of them of


Before clean the blender, detach the bottle and the base. The bottle can be washed directly.


Wrong Cleaning:

The whole base includes the button, charging port and bottom shall not be cleaned with water.

Please only wipe with cloth, avoiding water seepage resulting in short circuit.




A: Warning status: due to incorrect use

1. Q: Ice cannot be crushed in the blender. When I put the ice in, the blue light flashed and it stopped after 5 seconds.

  A: It will not work without liquid so you can add on some water or oat milk which will make the blender function smoothly.

2. Q: The blender didn’t work even when it was fully charged. When I tried to turn on it, it showed red light.

  A: You may check if the amount of ingredients exceeds the mark on bottle, or if the blade is stuck by food.

3. QThe blender can not be turned on. Both red and blue lights flash.

  A: You can reinstall the cup can the problem will be fixed.

4. QThe blender just run about 5 seconds but it stopped functioning and blue light flashed. I put quite few of foods in.

  A: Firstly, insufficient of foods will make the blender malfunction too. Please make sure the amount of ingredients you put is

enough so the blender can work well.

Secondly, it cannot be large sized or medium sized food or fruit. It has to be cut up into smaller pieces and make sure some

type of liquid is added to help blend better.

5. Q: I Sometimes this personal blender stopped when blending, anyway when I press the button and it start to run again?

A: It is probably that blade was stuck with food, you can shake personal blender up and down and press button on, it will

blend again. If this can not solve the problem, please reverse the blender, press button on, return personal blender back,

shake it up and down, it will work well.

6. Q: Personal Blender always stopped within 5 seconds, what is the problem?

A: 1)There may be blockage by the blade with your fruits etc. Simply turn the blender over and gently shake to clear the


2)If it is too full it will shut off ,please take some foods off.

3)If what you are trying to blend is too thick, please add some water.

7. Q: What does a solid red light mean?

A: The solid red light means low battery power and need to be charged, or when it is charged, red light stay on until full of

charged, blue light on.
Q: What does red light flash?

A:If red light flashes and blender doesn’t work, means overload, it is probably 2 cases:

a. Blade was blocked. Please invert the blender first, then press the power switch, turn it over, shake for a while in order to

make the smoothie more even. If still not work, check if fruits stick on the blade, if yes, get if off.

b. Ingredients are too full which is over the maximum scale, please take some of them off.



B. Incorrect use

1.Q: I bought the blender one month ago and only used it for a few of times. But now it stopped to work and red light on.

  A: Did you charge it when you used it at the first time? Please charge it first once you got the blender. When red light on, it

means the blender is out of battery and it needs to be charged again.

2.Q: I used only a few of times but it can not be charged and there is no light on.

A: You should charge it 3-5 hours for your first usage, or you should charge it when red light on, please don’t wait until the

battery runs out to recharge, which is easy to break the battery and can not charge or run anymore.

3.Q: It is leakage oil

A: Did you always put too less water when blending? If there is no water, motor will be in big resistant and caused over heat

and leakage oil.

4.Q: The motor reeks a smell of scorching.

A: Has it been continuously used for a long time? There will be smell inside the blender due to big friction of motor.

5.Q: I haven't been used it for a long time, then it doesn't work anymore.

A: Please charge every 1 or 2 months even if you have not used it, otherwise the battery is easy to be broken.

6.Q: The bottle is leakage.

A: Please don’t blend with hot water (higher than 90 Celsius) or hot drinks.

7.Q: When blended the smoothie, the light turned from blue to red. While charging, push the button, can not be blending while


A: When using blending while charging function, please be attention: if the blender runs out of battery completely, this function

can not be used immediately, you need charge 20-30 minutes first then start blending and keep charging. If there are some

electricity left, blending while charging will work normally.

8.Q: After twice blending the frozen fruit, ice, milk, but they do not be crushed completely?

A: Try to blend serval times.

9. Q: I wash and wipe the blender after each use however I find at the bottom there’s a black residue when wet from the the grey

part. Is this a hazard?

A: That may be mold or residue from water building up and not drying. Clean the blender fully and to let it dry, turn it upside

down instead of right side up to air dry. Also, try cleaning it with liquid soap.



C. Normal function

1.Q: Is it 14oz or 17oz?

A: This portable blender of the Capacity is 17oz for bottle size and 14oz for available volume.

2.Q: How loud is it?

A: Someone just used it in the office and it sounds about as loud as electric pencil sharpeners.

3 Q: How does the button of popbabies smoothie blender work? will it stay on once pressed or do you have to hold it down all

the time?

A: The button of PopBabies Smoothie Blender will stay on once pressed, no need to hold it down all the time. You just invert

it and press the switch, turn it over and shake for a while. It runs automatically for 20 seconds unless it encounters a problem.

If additional blending is needed, press the button again.

4. Q: Does this include ice tray and funnel?

A: Yes, all our portable blender includes ice tray and funnel.

5. Q: Can we purchase only the cup piece?

A: Yes, for now, only the blue travel bottle is available.
6. Q: Can we make ice coffee in it?

A: Yes, the blender can make ice coffee.

7.Q: Is the product allowed in check in bag on international flight?

A: Yes, most of air flight allowed in check in bag, because our blade was built-in the bottle which can not be taken off,

anyway just double check with your airline or TSA first.

8. Q: Does this blended support a Type-C charging cord?
A: Yes, PopBabies blender supports a Type-C charging cord.

9. Q: Would I be able to blend yogurt, fruit diced small, and water?

A: Yes. The key is to dice the fruit in small pieces and don't fill the container too full. It comes with an ice cube tray that makes

tiny ice cubes. It is a pretty powerful little blender. You could keep it at work for a quick smoothie.

10. Q: Can it blend hard vegetables, for example: carrots? or cucumber?

A: Of course, it is our basic function. Be sure to cut the carrots small, no bigger than 1.5 inch.

11. Q: Can this crush nuts?

A:Yes, when you make the smoothie, it could add nuts to blend.

12. Q: Can I keep the liquid inside the blender? Or is it not safe because of the metal?

A: Yes, you can keep the liquid inside the blender, our blade is 304 stainless steel, anyway when you put the bottle into

refrigerator, please don't seal the lid, keep the lid not too light avoiding liquid swelling.

13. Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: It takes 3-4 hours on a single charge.

14. Q: Can this small blender make baby food? is it bpa free?

A: Sure, we got BPA free and FDA certification. You can blend all kinds of baby food, such as leafy greens like baby spinach

or kale etc.

15. Q: Can I use this personal blender when charging?

A: If the blender runs out of battery, it should be charge for 20 or 30 minutes before blending. Then you can blend while

charging. If there are some electricity left, you can use this function normally.

16. Q: How to use this usb blender to make smoothies?


1.Before use, please put some pure water into the cup, wash the cup.
2. Cut the fruit into 1-1.5 inch particles, put the fruit particles into the cup and then pour into some milk or water. Put this blender

machine upside down and turn it on. As soon as the stir core begins to work, turn the machine back, and start to make juice.
3. If the fruit particles are too big to stir, please restart the machine, and you can also shake the machine when it’s stirring which

will make the juice finer.
4. Before making another taste of juice, please wash the cup first. Just put some pure water into the cup, and turn it on to wash

the cup.

17. Q: Can you charge using adapter and regular electrical outlet?

A: It takes a USB wall type charger for like a phone.



D. Service


1.Q: How can I contact you if any quality problem?

A: You can send email to [email protected], or [email protected], or send message to our Instagram

account popbabiesofficial. Also, you can send message through your buyer account of amazon. You can also call us or

leave text message to +1 502 601 6146.

2.Q: My blender is overdue 1 month the window date with Amazon, can I get guarantee from the seller either?

A: Don’t worry, we guarantee 12 months upon your order date, if any quality problem please contact us with your shipping

address and phone number, we can send you replacement or full of refund upon your option.

3.Q: My blender didn’t work and you sent me a replacement, but unfortunately it was broken again, can I get your guarantee


A: Don’t worry, if your replacement was broken within 12 months from your first order date, we can still guarantee by sending

you replacement again or full of refund you, if it is beyond 12 months from first order date, we will not guarantee anymore.

4. Q: What is the batch number?

A: In order to control product quality and improve our product better, we put the batch number on the bottom of base, it is 6

digital number. When you send email, please also let us know the batch number.

5. Q: What is the return address if something went wrong?

   A: If you bought from amazon within 1 month, please contact amazon to send it back via amazon return system. If you buy

from www.popbabies.com, please contact [email protected].