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Portable Blender Classic Version

Features and Specifications:


       Blend and go portable blender: blend and drink from the 14 oz anywhere you like.


       Small design personal blender: due to its small size, it is the ideal blender for use at home, at the office, or while traveling.


       Safe and versatile smoothie blender: dishwashing safe to-go cups (Food Grade Material), ideal for shakes and smoothies, protein shakers, baby food, etc. 


       Blending while charging is a unique feature.


       Strong enough to break ice cubes, frozen fruits, and seeds. Powerful and portable blender. No worries about plug problems when visiting foreign nations.



Capacity: 17oz for bottle size  and 14oz for available volume

Cup material: AS (BPA free food grade material)

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Start a Tasty And Healthy Life 
Mutiple Features

Popbabies portable blender is convenient for travel, work, or outdoor activities because they are small, lightweight, and easy to take in a bag. 

Popbabies portable blender is an easy-to-use tool that can support your healthy lifestyle even while moving. You can blend your way to better health anytime, anyplace, because of its compact size, strong motor, and simple functions. 

Smoothies for daily routines
Many people's daily routines now include blending, especially those prioritizing their health and well-being. While on the run, it can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle because traditional blenders can be cumbersome. This is where travel-friendly portable blender and personal blender come in handy because they let you blend your preferred fruits and veggies wherever you are.
Design and Build Quality of  PopBabies 

Popbabies portable blender is a convenient carry-on design that is strong enough to crush ice cubes and frozen fruits. Its uniqueness makes it a perfect personal blender for you to carry anywhere you want. 

Popbabies smoothies blender comes with an inbuilt USB rechargeable technology which allows you to blend smoothies while charging.

How to Use PopBabies blender


It would help if you first decided what you wanted to drink, poured no more than 2/3 of the bottle with water (or milk), and shook. At this point, you can enjoy your beverage.

Compact Design 
Convenience to carry and drink it anywhere
Powerful Blending Features
Strong enough to crush  mini ice cube and frozen fruits  
USB Rechargeable
Blending while Charging
Self Cleaning
Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean
Cup Detachable
It can take only one cup with you.
Strong enough to crush mini ice cube and frozen fruits 
Cup Detachable
No need for transfering your juice to the other cup, It can take only one cup with you.
Extra 4-5oz Larger
 17oz for bottle  and 14oz for available volume
Self Cleaning
 Dishwasher Safe and Easier to clean
Blending While Charging
 This function makes you comfortable whatever happens 
TSA Safe
Unique built-in blade design makes TSA safe
Safe For Children
 The opening of the cup is too small for children to reach it.
Custom-Tailored Ice Cube Tray and Funnel
Perfect for this portable blender,  one won‘t hurt the blender and the other is easy to add ingredients
USB TYPE-C Rechargeable
Take with it everywhere. No need to worry about charging
Longer Battery Life
It can last for making more than 20 cups juice
Generally FAQ:
Q: Why the red and blue lights keep flickering alternatively and the motor won’t start?

A: Food portion should not be over than 2/3 of the bottle, cut the food materials into smaller pieces about 1 inch.

Blender run only 1 seconds and stopped, that means blade was stuck. Turn the blender upside down, turn it on, then reserve it so that it can run normally. Shake it up and down for a while.

Lock the cup on the base completely before turning it on.


Q: Does blender always stop within 5 seconds?

A :  Put enough food material in order to activate the running system. 

Add water or other liquid in order that food can touch blade and activate the running system. Or you can shake blender up and down, anyway it will wear down the motor if there is no water.

Q: Why the motor reeks a smell of scorching?

A :  There will be smell inside the juicer cup of high power due to the friction of brushes, but it is not a failure, please be assured.

Q: Why the blender can not start when red light flash?

A :  There is no light on when battery run out of. Please charge it until light blue on.

 Q: Is it leakage oil?

A :  If there is no water , motor will be in big resistant and caused over heat and leakage oil.

Q: Sometimes it takes shorter time to juice, why?

A : Our juicer cup may adjust the juicing time according to the amount of food. It normally takes 5 to 20 seconds, and if they are not properly juiced after 20 seconds, please press it again to keep blending.

Q: I haven’t been used it for a long time, why it doesn’t work anymore?

A : If no use for a long time, please charge 3-4 hours then use it again. Please charge once per 1 or 2 months if you have not used it for a long time.

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